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The Icelandic Directorate of Customs
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Tollstjóri - Traveling to Iceland

Traveling to Iceland

If you are thinking about traveling to Iceland there are a few things to consider.

How long may I stay in Iceland?
Depending on where you come from, the allowed stay varies from three months to indefinitely. More information can be found at the Directorate of Immigration's webpage.

What can I bring?
Travelers may bring clothing and other travel gear which they bring into Iceland for their personal use, as long as it is deemed suitable and normal for the purpose of the journey and the length of the stay.
(More information on duty free goods and import restrictions and prohibitions / pets, riding boots and fishing gear)

Do I have to pay VAT?
Travelers who reside abroad can claim a proportional VAT refund when shopping in Iceland. The refund is limited to purchases that are intended to be taken out of the country and amount to a minimum of ISK 4.000 (including VAT), made at a single point of sale.
(More information on VAT refunds)

Can I bring my vehicle to Iceland?
Those who intend to dwell in this country for a year or a shorter period for employment, study or travel may import a vehicle registered abroad without having to pay duty or import charges. At the end of this period the importer of a vehicle must either have completed its customs clearance or exported the vehicle.
(More information on temporary importation of vehicles)

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