Electronic Customs Clearance

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Electronic Customs Clearance

According to the Customs Act no. 88/2005, companies that import and export goods are required to file customs declarations electronically.

Companies that are granted permission to file customs declarations through the WEB-customs clearance can start filing declarations electronically as soon as they receive a letter with the permit. The employees filing the WEB-declarations must check their electronic ID into a computer that is to be used for this purpose.

Companies that are granted permission to use the EDI-customs clearance can start filing their customs declarations electronically as soon as tests on the SMT-messaging between the company and the administrators of the customs clearance computer system are finished.

Importers that import 12 or fewer shipments per year are allowed to file customs declarations on paper. Importers are also allowed to file simplified customs declarations on paper, see Article 25 of Regulation no. 1100/2006.

More information on electronic customs clearance is available on the Icelandic website.

Information on available electronic services (Icelandic language)

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