Temporary import of vehicles

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Temporary import of vehicles

Notice from the Directorate of Customs:

  • Persons permanently resident abroad, and who have not established legal residence in Iceland, are permitted to temporarily import vehicles with foreign registration, for personal use, for a maximum period of 12 months. If an individual establishes legal residence in Iceland within 12 months of arrival, then the vehicle must be customs cleared or alternatively the vehicle must be exported before the residency application is submitted.
  • Persons with permanent residency in Iceland are not permitted to temporarily import vehicles with foreign registration plates into the country.

Vehicles with foreign registration plates may be temporarily imported to Iceland subject to certain conditions. Prior to arriving in Iceland, importers of vehicles must complete a special declaration (E-9) and send to the Directorate of Customs in consultation with the carrier or customs broker. At most a vehicle may stay in Iceland temporarily for a period of 12 months. Further information on the completion of E-9, duty free, liability, duration and other conditions can be found below.

A copy of the E-9 statement shall always be kept in the vehicle during the stay.

Vehicles outside the EEA area shall be insured with an International Motor Insurance Card, the "Green Card", while a vehicle is located in Iceland. The importer is obliged to present the certificate at customs clearance.

If an importer exceeds the time limit of authorization or meets the conditions for temporary importation, the Directorate of Customs may remove a registration plate without warning. You may request a written statement from the Directorate of Customs or appeal to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. See directions for appeals.


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