Customs 2020

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Customs 2020

improving business & society

Customs 2020 is a mission-defining strategic document concerning an effective and efficient institution. The Directorate of Customs makes its contribution to the business sector and to the general welfare of society by being a strong and administratively efficient institution. The strategy calls for investment in human resources and infrastructure at the Directorate of Customs and a strengthened culture of continuous education, innovation and development within the institution.


We protect society and secure revenue for the state. Customs control and revenue collection represent the core operations of the Directorate of Customs. The institution is responsible for Icelandic customs control as well as the collection of public levies for the state and the various municipalities within the administrative district of the capital region. Furthermore, the Directorate of Customs has a wide reaching role regarding public service. The Directorate of Customs contributes to the competitiveness of business and to the quality of life of the citizens by employing modern, targeted methods of work.


The mission of the Directorate of Customs is to protect the interests of the general public and the business sector by being a progressive institution where staff provide efficient high quality service.


In the year 2020 the administration of collecting public levies and customs control will be simple, effective and efficient. The Directorate of Customs will be a progressive, trusted institution supporting general social welfare through cooperation with stakeholders. The institution will be first rate in terms of professionalism and electronic administration.


Our core values are trust, collaboration and progress.

Trust is rooted in the firm assurance that all matters will be handled according to available facts and in full compliance with existing laws, regulations and solid administrative practices. Customers and employees alike can rest assured that their matters will be handled with fairness and equality. Consistency in communications, carefully honed business practices and our ethos of constant improvement ensures trustworthy, quality service for everyone.

Collaboration is manifest in our emphasis on close cooperation with stakeholders because of our employees’ firm belief in its mutual benefit. Mutual respect begets constructive dialogue and healthy difference of opinion. In all communications our employees are guided by optimism and a positive attitude. An enjoyable and rewarding collaboration, amongst employees and stakeholders alike, contributes to a positive work environment, increased job satisfaction and progressive project development.

Progress is achieved by placing emphasis on expertise, technology advancement and process simplification for the benefit of both employees and stakeholders. We strive to provide the best possible solutions to stakeholders at all times. Our employees show initiative and prefer to let their efforts speak for themselves. Objectives are established and progress is tracked. Our employees acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them.

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