Iceland Customs implements quality management

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ISO 9001 vottunarmerki

Iceland Customs implements quality management

12.02.2016 16:10

Iceland Customs has implemented a quality control system which encompasses all aspects of the organisation´s operations. January 2014 formally marked the start of the process towards integrating the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. This process was completed in 2015 and Iceland Customs is currently formally certified as ISO 9001 compliant.

The certification is a major milestone for the organisation which was made possible through a concerted team effort by all employees of Iceland Customs. The work procedures and focus on quality management will most certainly have a positive influence on the organisation, its employees as well as customers through improved service delivery. This will be the case in all core functions, be they tax collections, customs control or services related to customs clearance.

The core values of Iceland Customs are trust, collaboration and progress. These values are at the center of all operations and importance is placed on these values being reflected in the way our service is carried out. The requirements of ISO 9001 are complementary to the values of Iceland Customs, i.e. fulfilling the needs and expectations of those the organisations serves -  Icelandic society.

ISO 9001