Christmas presents from abroad

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Christmas presents from abroad

11.12.2019 09:12

Christmas is just around the corner and many individuals receive christmas presents from friends and family members who live abroad. In certain cases import duties do not have to be paid of gifts sent to Iceland.

  • Christmas presents with the value of 13.500 ISK or less are duty free as long as the sender has permanent residency abroad. Duty must be paid of the amount that exceeds 13.500 ISK.
  • A receipt that shows the value of the gift has to be available. The sender can attach it outside the parcel.
  • If the present is sent directly from a company it must be clearly stated in the documents that the payer has permanent residency abroad.
  • Presents to multiple people can be packed togeather as long as that is stated in the documents. Each present is duty free up to the value of 13.500 ISK.
  • Note that customs brokers charge for their service.
  • Exemption from import duties does not apply to goods that are bought online and received by individuals with permanent residency in Iceland.

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